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Here is an assortment of many of the most requested crystals and minerals in a smaller tumbled or raw version. Once you bring a crystal home it is good to cleanse it, so to keep it simple- just rinse it with some cold water and that will reboot the energy to be ready for you. If you bought the crystal for an intention, you keep that intention in mind for the crystal and this will "program" it for its new life with you. 
Cleanse you crystal initially but then over time they need a good cleansing. You can wave sage around them, or put your crystal back to nature, let it be rained on, sit on the grass, lay it in the dirt, hose them down in the yard and while the sun bath is nice, they really love to soak up the moon light as well.
A quick way to use a crystal remedy, is to to pop a tumble stone in your pocket, under your pillow or on a table in your room, a desk, the kitchen windowsill!  Crystals have all kinds of specific applications. Some soothe people hurting from a loss, some suffering anxiety in their lives, some that want to attract love, wealth, career, sell a home, protect a home, protect themselves, increase psychic abilities, contact spirit guides, communicate or meditate, astral project and ground themselves the list goes on. 
The color of the crystal you choose is correlated to the energy of that part of our bodies. Some crystals correlate to different chakras, or energy centers not just one.  We have thousands of nadis, or energy points, but this breaks it down to essential domains of energy fields.  So when you're attracted to a certain color crystal, this is the area of your body being guided to support. Choosing a crystal is an intuitive thing. So trust how you find the way a crystal is attracting you. If your spending time with any particular crystal here, that is a good clue you've found the right gemstone for your energies. Even if you imagine it as a bracelet or pendant, we have many stones available to wear as well.  We have many larger pieces that can make home environments more livable and enjoyable.
On our home page, scroll down to the collections and you will see we have these colors now as individual categories to browse in.
Black:  grounding, protective, base of spine
Red: energy, motivation, grounding, base of spine
Orange: creativity, joy, reproductive
Yellow: Courage, balance, 'guts', will power, solar plexus
Green: healing, heart, relationships, inner heart
Pink: love, relationships, self love, crown of heart
 Dark Blue/light Blue: Communications, mediation, angels, throat
Indigo: intuition, visions, third eye
Violet: divinity, source, crown (top of head)
White/Clear: psychic, etherial chakra