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Psychic Astrology Reading- 60 min
Crystal and Sage Boutique

Psychic Astrology Reading- 60 min

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A psychic astrology reading can offer insights to your life,
showing timing of events, 
work, financial, health and relationships- 
all the things life is made of.  
It covers Indian astrology's spiritual wisdom,
and areas of speciality including Dashas,  
mangal, and nakshatras,
 planetary transits, drawing on past transits to see what your coming out of, and current ones to see where your at and future ones to see where your going.
Our resident Astrologer can offer you a reading
 based on her study of 
Jyotish (astrology from India) fused with her 
background in Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Philosophy,
Bhakti Yoga and Western Astrology. 
Each reading includes a 
crystal to remedy your chart.


This is for a  live telephone session with Astrologer Trudy Pellegrino, based on her32 years of study and application of Western Astrology and her 7 year in-depth study and accreditation in Jyotish , the astrology of India, with the Academy of Vedic Arts. Indian astrology gives us much spiritual insight and understanding of the chart thru a soul point of view. It is a very old fashioned India, and astrologers are trained as spiritual counselors. Trudy maintains a yoga practice and mantra practice to help keep clear and stay aligned to the truth.